Precise craftsmanship

Halsey is the one and only manufacturer that builds its fan’s core, motor, with state of the art automated robotic production line. Such complex and precise mechanical process ensure that we deliver 100% of our best quality production every single time. With the help of the technology, we have digitalized our years of experience and this allows us to improve by leaps and bound.


Making prototype easier than ever.

When it comes to making the final decision of whether to develop a product, prototypes are made for presentation and review. The making of prototype used to be a complex and time consuming process, but not anymore! In Halsey, we purchased industrial grade 3D printer that can create samples up to 1 meter cube. This drastically reduce the waiting time and allow the client to make quicker evaluation.


Fully automated production

Halsey never compromised on the quality of the products made even when they are just a simple process. The whole production process is operated by machines, this allows us to maintain consistent high quality.